Sunday, April 6, 2014

Refrigerators and Freezers

I definitely want a panel refrigerator and freezer. I don't know if I want a single column refrigerator and a separate single column freezer. I don't know if I want a glass door on the refrigerator although sneaking suspicion that the hubby would prefer one.

Budget on this is possibly less is more. Also the debate of name brand vs. no name brand. At one end of the spectrum is 3000$ for both at a local big box store vs. close to 10000$ for both. I could do a lot with that 7000$.

Also the sizes of the single column refrigerator. What do you pick? 24 with  15.2 cu ft at 6540 , 30 with 19.9 cu ft  7040.00 or 36 inches with 24.2 cu ft 7319.00 These are all stainless steel interiors. For that price, I am wondering if I could get the Sub-Zero fridge column. Then I would have to get the freezer column.

I think I would go with the glass door Sub-Zero fridge column. Just imagine where the wood grain is located that it is painted white.

Then the matching freezer column

This would be our choice for the refrigerator /freezer in the kitchen. I would want a wall like this to put them in. 

Those center cupboards are like a coffee bar/morning bar

Here is the layout of that kitchen

I like it but I would make a few changes.