Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Heart of my Home, my Kitchen

I don't know about your family but my family tends to gather in the family room or the kitchen. Having a nice, bright, well-thought out place in the kitchen to cook really does make this cook happy.  My dream kitchen would be Benjamin Moore Simply White painted inset Benjamin Blackwelder Custom Cabinets. Phew that's definitely a lot of Benjamins just right there.The doors and drawers would have polished nickel hardware. The sink would be a farmhouse style with a Waterstone Gantry Faucet from the Towson Collection. Mrs. Patmore (cook from Downton Abbey) would be proud to call this kitchen her own. Can you tell I have been planning this kitchen for awhile? Shall we have a look?

Benjamin Blackwelder Kitchen

This is a refractory style kitchen. Like the look but would like inset doors and drawers.

Love the clean lines of the corbel. This cabinet would be for oils. Spices would probably be in a drawer next to the stove.

Love the screened cabinet doors.

Cabinet hardware is part of the jewelry in the kitchen and these make my heart sing. These would be for the cabinet doors

These would be for the drawers

Onto more jewelry, the kitchen sink and faucet. I would love to have a Kallista: For Loft by Michael S Smith Fireclay Kitchen Sink. Actually make that 2! Like this kitchen. Although I think I would put one in the butler pantry/catering kitchen. Dream big right? My kitchen sink would also be under a window looking out onto the backyard and kitchen garden.

Here is another view from Kallista. Gorgeous right?

As for the faucet, I am loving the Waterstone Company 18 inch Gantry faucet from the Towson Collection. It would be in polished nickel please!

And here is the picture from the Waterstone Company's website.

Countertops are a big thing as well. I love the look that marble gives a kitchen. Just love it! Sadly it is not practical in our house. So I have found luce di luna quartzite. Comes under different names. But it is more like a granite in that it doesn't etch as much as a marble. Maybe in another lifetime I will have marble in my kitchen and baths.

The floor would be the dark wood-like tile as seen here below and in this post here.

This post is quite long so I think I will share the appliance choices as well as lighting in another post. What does your dream kitchen look like?