Monday, March 11, 2013

Past The Looking Glass or Double Entry Doors in this case

You have entered the house once you passed through the gorgeous doors I picked out in the previous post. I imagine a pretty traditional entry with a bit of modern added to it. So starting off with this entry as a jumping off point.

I would have columns but they would be square columns with mouldings. I like these but I think they would be white.

Or here is another option I like. I love the detail.

Or even this one:

I would have tile in the entryway actually this tile would be throughout the house except for bathrooms. Just being practical here because I know my family. They would be hard on hardwood. The tile measures 8"x40" so I think it would work.

As far as lighting I think I would select between these two lanterns.I would like a more casual feel to the home and I feel a crystal chandelier would convey a more formal home than casual.

Probably the only decision here to be made is which one and how many. The first picture shows 2 lanterns in the entry so maybe that would be enough. As far as furnishings, I would like to place a rug in the entry. These two choices speak to me. I am more of a cool color kind of gal lately. I am loving the gray with white look.
This would be another choice:

I would like some sort of console at one end that I could decorate as well as some sort of seating at the other end. You know when guests leave and have to put on their shoes and boots. Or when they have a member of their party who loves a long good-bye. Do you have any friends or family members like that? I know I do. You know where they have a whole new conversation by the door.

Still have to research this little bit of decor but I would definitely include some more gray tones as well as some silver tones and wood tones. For the seating, I would like a deep tufted love seat with no arms and no top to it. Although some with arms that I have seen are pretty nice. Arms or no arms on the seat, what a lovely dilemma to have! I may have to revisit this idea as a whole separate post someday.