Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Plans, Plans, Plans

How about some plans? I have found this one plan that is pretty close to what I would want in a house. The only thing is that it is made for a lot that slopes down. What this means is that the second level is really on the bottom and the first level is on top. Here have a look and see.

There are minor changes I would make. Some double interior doors in some places. And the first floor would be a ground level and the second level would be on top of the first level. I think also I would have to figure out a way to incorporate my kitchen garden to be next to the kitchen! There is a deck right there on the plan so that would have to change somehow. But it really has all the elements that I am looking for in a house design. Double islands, Pantry/Butler next to kitchen that goes into the dining room. Dining room is next to the living room. Family room is adjoining the kitchen. There are two half baths on the main level. Away from the dining room. It has a mudroom. Just some minor tweaking and it's perfect for our family. I know you are not supposed to show up at the architects with a plan in hand and say this is what I want but with these little modifications, this is so close to my vision of the country manor house.