Friday, March 29, 2013

The Guest Suite Bath or a Luxury Hotel Bath in our Home

I would like the guest suite bath to feel like a very luxurious hotel bathroom. This is really close to what I envision. I am not sure about that mirrored ceiling. It does add a wow factor but not I am not totally sold on it.

Here is another view of the same bath.

The paint color would be Benjamin Moore Kendall and Benjamin Moore Simply White for trim.

This would be the tub choice.It is different than the inspiration picture but it is a grand tub. It is from Baths of Distinction.

And just to show how much space,  a 6' tall person would have in the tub they took a picture so you can visualize. That is great marketing!

I would like to put in these porcelain tiles. I would probably order over the quantity needed so I could pick and choose which tiles would go in. I don't really like the taupe color so I would only select the ones with the grey veins.

I really like the Town Square Collection from American Standard. I would use the wide-spread faucet as seen here in chrome.

I would also use their 1 piece toilet from the same collection as well as the toilet paper holder. Side note here: I have never seen anyone blog about toilet choices but this is my blog and I would want to see what choice is made so I am blogging about toilets. We all have them, need them and use them. No need to be hush-hush about them. Just my point-of-view.

Here is a better picture of the 1 piece toilet.

Here is the toilet paper holder close-up.

This would be my sink choice. I would have two of them. I really want undermount sinks because I have had the ones that rest on top of the counter and I find it harder to take care of them. You know you have that bead of caulk to deal with.

They would be in some sort of cabinet like this.

There would also be two of these types of mirrors.

As for the shower itself. I would like to include these body sprays.

They extend out when functioning and the direction of the spray is adjustable. They retract when not in use.I would have to determine how many to use.

These would be the control handles.

Here is the showerhead.

To keep the square theme going, I would use the bar from this hand -shower but with the shower head in the following picture.

These are my choices so far that I would put in the guest suite bath. There are still some items missing like the counter choice, window coverings,  lighting.and furnishings like towels, baskets and accessories. I will have to research and maybe do a follow-up post. What do you consider important in a guest suite bath?