Friday, March 29, 2013

The Guest Suite Bath or a Luxury Hotel Bath in our Home

I would like the guest suite bath to feel like a very luxurious hotel bathroom. This is really close to what I envision. I am not sure about that mirrored ceiling. It does add a wow factor but not I am not totally sold on it.

Here is another view of the same bath.

The paint color would be Benjamin Moore Kendall and Benjamin Moore Simply White for trim.

This would be the tub choice.It is different than the inspiration picture but it is a grand tub. It is from Baths of Distinction.

And just to show how much space,  a 6' tall person would have in the tub they took a picture so you can visualize. That is great marketing!

I would like to put in these porcelain tiles. I would probably order over the quantity needed so I could pick and choose which tiles would go in. I don't really like the taupe color so I would only select the ones with the grey veins.

I really like the Town Square Collection from American Standard. I would use the wide-spread faucet as seen here in chrome.

I would also use their 1 piece toilet from the same collection as well as the toilet paper holder. Side note here: I have never seen anyone blog about toilet choices but this is my blog and I would want to see what choice is made so I am blogging about toilets. We all have them, need them and use them. No need to be hush-hush about them. Just my point-of-view.

Here is a better picture of the 1 piece toilet.

Here is the toilet paper holder close-up.

This would be my sink choice. I would have two of them. I really want undermount sinks because I have had the ones that rest on top of the counter and I find it harder to take care of them. You know you have that bead of caulk to deal with.

They would be in some sort of cabinet like this.

There would also be two of these types of mirrors.

As for the shower itself. I would like to include these body sprays.

They extend out when functioning and the direction of the spray is adjustable. They retract when not in use.I would have to determine how many to use.

These would be the control handles.

Here is the showerhead.

To keep the square theme going, I would use the bar from this hand -shower but with the shower head in the following picture.

These are my choices so far that I would put in the guest suite bath. There are still some items missing like the counter choice, window coverings,  lighting.and furnishings like towels, baskets and accessories. I will have to research and maybe do a follow-up post. What do you consider important in a guest suite bath?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Appliance and lighting choices

Appliance choices are as varied as there are colors. There could be a post just on stoves and I would not cover all of the options. So I will just share what I would choose in appliances.

Stoves, Ranges

I really fell in love with a custom 60" 10 burner stove from Capital Culinarian.I saw this one on the gardenweb forums and knew immediately that is what I wanted in my dream kitchen.

We don't really have a use for an indoor grill in California since we can just step outside to grill most days of the year. As for the griddle option, just too fussy for us. We can throw one of these griddles on the burners and it is easy to take off and wash in the sink.

I would definitely have a microwave drawer. They say they take some getting used to using.

I would have 2 of these tall single drawer Fisher-Paykel dishwasher drawers on either side of my sink.

I think I would want two of these beauties.

This is another option

This would be the drink refrigerator in the beverage center.

As for lighting. I would like to have these over the island.

I am sure I am missing something. What would your choice be for dream appliances? Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring is least in my part of the Country

I can't believe that there is still snow falling in some parts of the country. In my little piece of the world, there is a gentle morning breeze albeit it cool but you can tell summer is on its way. This time of year, gardeners are busy planning and looking at pictures of plants, gardens, seed catalogs all in the hopes that they can soon get out there in the dirt. Here are some pictures that I have been enjoying as I plan my landscaping and kitchen garden.

I am going to need some type of deer fencing to protect the kitchen garden from deer, wild board and other critters. Here are two good examples of fencing to protect your plants from critters.

Would really love to have a greenhouse. Perhaps something like this.

Love having lavender planted around in big bunches. Just really beautiful.

I love the look of boxwood and hydrangeas. Just beautiful.

That is the beginning of how I see my garden. What are your plans for your yard this year?

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Beginnings of a Formal Half Bath

Somewhere away from the kitchen and dining room would be a formal half bath for guests to use. I would want a sink console like this one from Kallista.

It would have a mirror. Here are the two choices I prefer the first one and my husband's choice is the second  mirror. Which one do you like best?

 This was my inspiration bath photo for the above mirror choice.

This is my husband's choice when asked which do you prefer? A little masculine and I would have to have it more chrome than silver I think.

Sconces would be these ones since we both agree.

Tile on the floor would be this one from New Ravenna.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Plans, Plans, Plans

How about some plans? I have found this one plan that is pretty close to what I would want in a house. The only thing is that it is made for a lot that slopes down. What this means is that the second level is really on the bottom and the first level is on top. Here have a look and see.

There are minor changes I would make. Some double interior doors in some places. And the first floor would be a ground level and the second level would be on top of the first level. I think also I would have to figure out a way to incorporate my kitchen garden to be next to the kitchen! There is a deck right there on the plan so that would have to change somehow. But it really has all the elements that I am looking for in a house design. Double islands, Pantry/Butler next to kitchen that goes into the dining room. Dining room is next to the living room. Family room is adjoining the kitchen. There are two half baths on the main level. Away from the dining room. It has a mudroom. Just some minor tweaking and it's perfect for our family. I know you are not supposed to show up at the architects with a plan in hand and say this is what I want but with these little modifications, this is so close to my vision of the country manor house.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Heart of my Home, my Kitchen

I don't know about your family but my family tends to gather in the family room or the kitchen. Having a nice, bright, well-thought out place in the kitchen to cook really does make this cook happy.  My dream kitchen would be Benjamin Moore Simply White painted inset Benjamin Blackwelder Custom Cabinets. Phew that's definitely a lot of Benjamins just right there.The doors and drawers would have polished nickel hardware. The sink would be a farmhouse style with a Waterstone Gantry Faucet from the Towson Collection. Mrs. Patmore (cook from Downton Abbey) would be proud to call this kitchen her own. Can you tell I have been planning this kitchen for awhile? Shall we have a look?

Benjamin Blackwelder Kitchen

This is a refractory style kitchen. Like the look but would like inset doors and drawers.

Love the clean lines of the corbel. This cabinet would be for oils. Spices would probably be in a drawer next to the stove.

Love the screened cabinet doors.

Cabinet hardware is part of the jewelry in the kitchen and these make my heart sing. These would be for the cabinet doors

These would be for the drawers

Onto more jewelry, the kitchen sink and faucet. I would love to have a Kallista: For Loft by Michael S Smith Fireclay Kitchen Sink. Actually make that 2! Like this kitchen. Although I think I would put one in the butler pantry/catering kitchen. Dream big right? My kitchen sink would also be under a window looking out onto the backyard and kitchen garden.

Here is another view from Kallista. Gorgeous right?

As for the faucet, I am loving the Waterstone Company 18 inch Gantry faucet from the Towson Collection. It would be in polished nickel please!

And here is the picture from the Waterstone Company's website.

Countertops are a big thing as well. I love the look that marble gives a kitchen. Just love it! Sadly it is not practical in our house. So I have found luce di luna quartzite. Comes under different names. But it is more like a granite in that it doesn't etch as much as a marble. Maybe in another lifetime I will have marble in my kitchen and baths.

The floor would be the dark wood-like tile as seen here below and in this post here.

This post is quite long so I think I will share the appliance choices as well as lighting in another post. What does your dream kitchen look like?