Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Country Manor House Plans Revisited

This is a plan from Allison Ramsey Architects. We kind of like it. There would be modifications made to both the interior floor plan and the facade.

Here is the main floor plan. The kitchen would need to be enlarged also the pantry would be a bit bigger with no sink. Also the stove would be a range so we would have to get that out of the island. We would like to close that outdoor patio in the middle to gain square feet.  The library we would like to make it maybe 1 and a half stories so that would change that middle part in the above facade picture. The master bath tub area would be enlarged to accommodate the large soaker tub we found.

Here is the 2nd floor plan: Not too much to change here except relocate the entrance of the guest room to the wall where the stairs come up and to make that sitting room into a home theater room for hubby.

So for a reboot this isn't a bad plan and more realistic since I would like to have a few chickens, cows and a couple of dogs. Maybe a horse if I can convince my better half.