Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring is least in my part of the Country

I can't believe that there is still snow falling in some parts of the country. In my little piece of the world, there is a gentle morning breeze albeit it cool but you can tell summer is on its way. This time of year, gardeners are busy planning and looking at pictures of plants, gardens, seed catalogs all in the hopes that they can soon get out there in the dirt. Here are some pictures that I have been enjoying as I plan my landscaping and kitchen garden.

I am going to need some type of deer fencing to protect the kitchen garden from deer, wild board and other critters. Here are two good examples of fencing to protect your plants from critters.

Would really love to have a greenhouse. Perhaps something like this.

Love having lavender planted around in big bunches. Just really beautiful.

I love the look of boxwood and hydrangeas. Just beautiful.

That is the beginning of how I see my garden. What are your plans for your yard this year?